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Specification of Maltodextrin LIHUA DE 10 - 12

Ex Maltodextrin China Packaging 25 Kg

Maltodextrin is a product resulting from the chemical reaction of water with starch-containing compound glucose units. The compound starch obtained from starch or cassava flour. Cassava flour was obtained from mashed cassava. Maltodextrin is also a mixture of glucose, oligosaccharides, maltose and dextrin. The basis of the maltodextrin is a compound of the chemical reaction of water with starch is not perfect.

Real products required in the manufacture of maltodextrin is cassava flour or tapioca.

1. thickener

2. Emulsifier

3. Removing Toxins In The Intestine

4. Avoid Constipation

5. Generate Power

6. Maintain Product Remain Frozen

7. Suitable For Diet

8. Replace Sugar

9. Substitute Fat

excess Maltodextrin

In addition to having a variety of functions, maltodextrin has a range of benefits. The benefits to be gained from maltodextrin are as follows:

Not Cause Obesity

Consuming maltodextrin has the advantage of not causing obesity. That's because in the low-calorie processed maltodextrin. Calories is one thing that could cause a person to be obese (obese).

Not Making Preparations Increase Manis

Although containing glucose, maltodextrin processed given in it can make food taste sweet in such products is growing. So that suitable maltodextrin is added to keep the sweet taste remains stable.

Easy After the Cold Water

One of the advantages of maltodextrin are soluble in cold water. It is different from other powders when dissolved in cold water instead clot in the bottom of the water. That's because maltodextrin is processed from the chemical reaction process water and starch so, could make it easier to dissolve in water.

Smoothing Food

The advantages of maltodextrins is capable of being used to soften the food. Food was often using maltodextrin are cakes, muffins and many others. The maltodextrins useful to avoid becoming sodden cake. A cake using maltodextrin will feel softer than that ingredients was mixed perfectly.




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